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Rajasthan is a state which is also known as the land of Rajputs and is also famous for its art, craft, and sculpture. Rajasthani rulers have given great respect to their artists indulged in any form of art or crafts. Handicrafts of India is an online store of Rajasthan which also gives importance to the art and artists of this state. Many art forms have developed their roots in Rajasthan due to this reason. History of Rajasthan proves that each and every art form which was introduced by the people of this state was given great attention and was established with intense care. Therefore this online store provides the best marble handicrafts crafted by skilled and experienced artisans of Rajasthan. We handicrafts of India is proud of our talented craftsmen who give their 100% in fulfilling the need of our buyers.

A modern design is given to the traditional art and craft form that is developed in Rajasthan and manufactured an extraordinary piece of art and sculpture. One such famous craftwork is marble handicrafts of India (Rajasthan). The marble handicraft work has been conserved and maintained in Rajasthan for many centuries, but in last few years only a few expert artists are present in this field. The marble handicraft work has been conserved and maintained in Rajasthan for many centuries, but in last few years only a few expert artists are present in this field.

Before 276 years, King Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur invited all the sculptors to his kingdom to make some best sculptures for him because he was going to shift his kingdom from Amer to Jaipur. During that time, it was believed that sculpture making is an art form which was expertized by Brahmins. Handicrafts of India has the most talented craftsmen of Rajasthan who have proven their skills with their art. All the products shown in our shop is crafted by our own craftsmen because we believe that our customers should get a wide range of products as they wish.

Makrana Marble Handicrafts Of India

Handicrafts of India gives priority to makrana marble handicrafts. Makrana is a tehsil and a municipal council which is in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Here we have more than 135 villages under our thesis, which makes Makrana the biggest tehsils in Nagaur District. Makrana region is famous for the white marble and stone were taken from the mines around the region. Makrana marble was also used in the construction of the Taj Mahal. This is a large town that has many marble outcrops. Most of the people living in this region earn their livelihood from marble mining. We use makrana marble for making our product in handicrafts of India because it is the purest and best marble type found in India. We want to provide our customers with the best marble handicrafts available in Indian stores.

Makrana town was a princely state in the time of British India. It is home to the world’s most renowned white marble buildings from which the Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Birla Temple, and Jain Temple of Dilwara in Rajasthan the Ambedkar Park of Lucknow were built. It is known that the 1700 artisans and craftsmen who settled Makrana came from Balochistan and a coastal strip in the south of Sindh in Pakistan and Iran which is also called Makrana. These artisans had come to India to build the Taj Mahal. Handicrafts of India prefer makrana marble handicrafts for our customers because it never looses its shine and color. No climatic conditions can fade its color and shine. Its beauty will remain forever.

Makrana which is a huge town in Nagaur district of Rajasthan has a deposit of 55 million tons of marble and 42,000 labors working in 910 mines in the different ranges of the Aravallis. Makrana region in Rajasthan is the main centers of marble in our country. This marble is Calcitic in nature and also regarded as the oldest, and finest when quality is concerned. The present time rate of marble production in Makrana region is 19.30 million tons per year and also with an annual revenue of rupees 10036 crores. Per capita income is rupees 55000, which is very much higher than the national average of rupees 45,000. It is the richest municipality in the state.

Working and Motive of Handicrafts Of India

Handicrafts of India is only concentrated on selling Indian handicrafts regarding Indian art, religion, and culture. We believe that India is a religious country where people love art and crafts. Where people are curious to know about our old art, crafts, and culture. By providing our customers with the finest marble handicrafts made of makrana marble we want to satisfy our customer needs. We, Handicrafts of India are having a huge variety of marble handicrafts like marble flower pots, jewelry boxes, pen holders, animal statues, god statues, soapstone oil burner, marble handi, candle stands, etc. Inlaid marble art can also be found in our marble handicrafts collection. And we also have some wooden handicrafts like wooden jhula, wooden tray and kumkum boxes. We¬†provide all these handicraft items in different color, different sizes according to customer’s need. We don’t have any limitation in all these choices. We keep on adding new products to our shop whenever a new product is handcrafted by our skilled and efficient craftsmen. Manufacturing of our marble handicrafts is done in Udaipur and Surat where we are having highly experienced craftsmen who are very much dedicated to their work.

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